VF Special Shapes and Cooker Components

Heatrek Vacuum Formed Shapes are manufactured to the customer’s individual specification, to provide an elegant cost effective solution to refractory/insulation problems.

Material Grades

Shapes are available in a wide range of standard lightweight materials with excellent insulating and thermal shock properties for use up to 1750 °C. Wholly inorganic variations of all grades are available where outgassing is a problem. Special mixes can be developed to suit specific applications where exceptional physical or chemical properties are required. Shapes can be prefired in our own kilns to remove initial shrinkage if necessary.

Post Treatment

Shapes can be processed to close dimensional tolerances in our extensive machining plant. We produce a variety of coatings to further enhance the performance of the substrate.

Plant and Capacity

We operate flexible plants which allow the economic processing of both large and small production runs. Our tooling costs are reasonable due to our advanced in-house tool-making skills. We can produce shapes with wall thicknesses from 10mm to 150mm, and shapes in which the wall thickness differs within the shape itself. Very large sizes can be produced in one piece or built up from components. Our technical and engineering departments can assist.


Our quality assurance and control personnel are our customers’ representatives working fulltime within our factory to ensure that all production is to the same high standard. Our engineering and technical departments are available to apply their knowhow and experience to material selection, shape design, fising problems and unusual applications.