HT Module is a reliable, fast and cost effective system for lining industrial kilns and furnaces. Its low thermal mass and conductivity give low casing temperatures, fast heat up/cool down, and high efficiency.

Properties of the HT Module System

Proven Anchor System

The hidden anchor system allows pre-studding of the casing. It can be stud welded, hand welded or bolted through the casing. All welds can be visually inspected and physically tested before being covered. The heavy duty tine is profiled as a channel to lock the fixing nut after installation.

Casing Coating

After testing of welds a bitumen/epoxy coating can be applied to the casing and anchors to resist chemical attack from corrosive agents present in the fuel or charge. The coating can be designed not to burn off well above the dew point of the corrosive agent.

Sealing Safety Layer

The system encourages the use of a blanket sealing layer against the casing. A stainless steel or aluminium vapour barrier can be easily incorporated.

Flexible Design

HT-Blocks can be engineered in several thicknesses for use up to 1500 °C. Anchors are supplied in AISI 316 and Incoloy 800H stainless steels (other grades available on request). HT Modules can be combined with elements of the Prefired Module system to provide elegant and practical solutions to problems around peepsites, noses, dampers and burners.

Fast Installation

The system is installed at very high rates to give low installation costs. Studs are first welded to the casing on a grid layout. The sealing layer can then be applied over the studs and held in position with speed clips where necessary. HT Modules are then fixed onto the studs in rows and tightened to the casing with the powerdriver tool. The tool head is engineered to make over tightening impossible.atten strips are installed between rows and held  in place with staples.

Easy Site Cutting

The efficient anchor design allows the HT Module to be cut with a saw or knife without fouling anchor steelwork.

Quick Replacement/Repair

In the event of a block being damaged, it can be easily removed and replaced without damaging the adjacent lining.

High Compression

HT Modules can be supplied compressed to between nominal densities of 128kg/m3 and 210kg/m3. They are anchored in compression against the casing to prevent any movement and to stop gas tracking behind the module.